Word Add-In not loading properly

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Word Add-In not loading properly

Using TRIM 7.1 (1137) with Microsoft Office 2007.  A user has encountered a problem with her Word Integration, whereby the HP TRIM Add-In will not stick.  When the integration is turned on through TRIM, it will appear in the Disabled Add-Ins section in Word.  I have tried to enable it, but it refuses to remain enabled.


I note that the Load Behaviour of the Add-In remains 'Unloaded'.


Any advice on how to Load this Add-In, or otherwise get it to be enabled, would be greatly appreciated.


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Neil Summers
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Re: Word Add-In not loading properly

Is the Office 2007 PIA installed? Have you tried disabling and re-enabling the Word integration via the TRIM client? Are there any other add-ins in Word on her machine that aren't on other users' machines?


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Re: Word Add-In not loading properly

Hi Michael.  We experienced a similar issue with the Trim plugin in Outlook 2007 (Trim 6.24).  It occured when Trim was deployed while the user had Outlook open.Spell Check


The solution was to run a repair on Trim with Outlook closed.


I don't know if that will help you.


Steve M

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event