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Why is a "Trim Context" directory always created?

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Why is a "Trim Context" directory always created?

No matter if you're doing a client only or server and client install you will always get a "Trim Context" directory created on the root of C drive. It will contain two subdirectories. One called "ServerData" and another called "ServerLocalData". This has happened since 6.2.5 I believe and the reason is for some Windows 7/2008 reason as it's detailed in a fix I saw one time. In Trim 7 now during an install you can even see where you get a choice of where to install the subdirectories. Recently I installed Trim a few times and I like to install software on the D drive not the operating system partition. So therefore I picked the D drive for these selections as well as the main "Trim Context" folder that gets installed under "Program Files". So what did the install do? It decided to create a "Trim Context" folder at the root of my D drive with those subdirectories (like I chose during the install) and ALSO at the root of my C drive. It's like somewhere in the installer it's hardcoded to install on the C drive no matter what. No big deal with this but still. Also why are these directories needed?

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Re: Why is a "Trim Context" directory always created?


samd wrote:

 why are these directories needed?

As you said, TRIM needs to use the root directory on Vista/7/2008 due to certain Windows security features on those new OS's.


As for always installing the C:\TRIM Context\ directory, I'm pretty sure we have raised this issue with R&D. I'll need to check what the CR number is.