What TRIM 7 Web Client Doesn't Do?

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What TRIM 7 Web Client Doesn't Do?

Can anyone clarify what the TRIM 7 Web Client doesn't do when compared with the TRIM 7 Thick Client please?


I have a note that says that the Web Client doesn't do multi-tagging, but I am not sure what's that is referencing specifically, and whether there is anything else that it doesn't do?


Here are the features I have listed that it does do:


  • Create
  • Search
  • Check in / out
  • Workflow initiation
  • Activity Completion
  • Security and Integrity maintenance of the rich client
  • User settings mirrored between rich and web client (view panes and list pane columns)
  • Zero footprint web client

I know that the Web Client isn't designed for "Administrative Tasks" but I am wondering what these are.


I imagine that the Thick Client only list would include such things as:


  • Location Addition (not sure about this one)
  • Workflow Template Creation and Modification
  • New Record Type Addition or Record Type Modification
  • Classification Addition or Modification

Any clarification would be much appreciated!






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Re: What TRIM 7 Web Client Doesn't Do?

Does the Trim 7 web client allow you to view Renditions?