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Version compatibility RM 8.1.1 and CM 9.1

Jane Hay
Regular Collector

Version compatibility RM 8.1.1 and CM 9.1

Is it possible to use a 9.1 client with an 8.1.1 backend? (and would it also work the other way, i.e.: 8.1.1 client with a 9.1 backend)

Note: this is not for production, we're just looking at getting a preview environment set up for 9.1 and wondered if it would be possible to connect to our current 8.1 test servers and vice versa



Occasional Contributor

Re: Version compatibility RM 8.1.1 and CM 9.1

This is possible, Content Manager 9.1 client will work with the older 8.11, but you will be missing all the combined capability updates to the CM9.1 back end that are available to the 9.1 client.

You will also recieve a warning every time you login

"Warning.  You are connecting to an older HPE Content Manager workgroup server.  Some features may not be available."

But it does work and all the core functionality seems to work but your global setting are likely to be skewed with some working and others not.



Greg Fraser_1
HPE Expert

Re: Version compatibility RM 8.1.1 and CM 9.1

They will connect but have different schemas, so some of the SQL commands sent from the client will not work. 

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