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We have the operational need to rollout the local client to replace

Solution sees the rollout of the local client, not web client. Replacing local client with web client to come later.

This change scheduled for Wednesday 8 February.

Although not a lot of change between the two versions we still need to inform and help users through this change. We use MS Outlook.

Does someone have some User Notes with screen grabs helping to explain to users the difference with look and feel between the two versions when using the local client?

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   1.  You've posted your question in a "General Feedback and
Suggestions" forum, which is not a forum for any particular product.

   2.  I assume that "" is a version number of some product or
other, but you haven't identified that product.  (See "1", above.)  This
makes it difficult for any non-psychic to redirect your question to some
appropriate forum, let alone provide a useful answer.