Upgrading TRIM

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Upgrading TRIM

How does your organization handle upgrades to HP TRIM?


I can certainly see where upgrades would need to be put into a test environment and tested fairly well before putting into production, but was just wondering if your organization would just place an upgrade directly into production because of the perceived benefit(s) of the upgrade?


Maybe just to quickly correct a problem if the new upgrade does that or maybe just because you want the latest upgrade to HP TRIM?



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Re: Upgrading TRIM

Reading the TRIMSper documents and any release information will help any organisation judge the impact of any change.


Re: Upgrading TRIM

Being honest, we would never put a service pack into production, trusting the 'benefit' to be there. In our experience, whenever something is fixed in TRIM, something else is newly broken. *sigh*


We typically plan and execute major platform release upgrades every 18-24 months (e.g., 5.24 to 6.16, 6.16 to 6.25, etc), for which we have a 3-4 month long release cycle that includes testing in a PRE-TEST (aka DEV)environment, promoting to TEST environment, performing official UAT, then deploying to production... that timeline starts after (and depends on) deciding on a specific build - which is always a moving target, as we try to determine which bugs we can live with and which ones we must have fixed prior to upgrading.


We have 5000+ client workstations, 5 production workgroup servers, and 2 very large production datasets. So we don't take an upgrade lightly.

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Re: Upgrading TRIM

Yes.  For us a central reason for every upgrade (three over three years) has included the Excel add-in as a benefit and it still doesn't work... (unless users have local admin it is the first thing to fall off!)


We don't upgrade lightly either, due to the size of the database we can't pick up everything in a test environment, so minor bugs (enhancements) will often emerge in production. 


I prefer to upgrade a lot at once and use it as a chance to introduce some big changes.