Updating Locations in TRIM

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Updating Locations in TRIM

Hi all,

M organisations has recently restructured some teams and from this there have been amendments to some titles. I'm wondering whatthe best way to go about this is when updating the locations to reflect the orgs new structure. For exmaple, is anyone aware of any implications to updating the title of the current location (position) or would it be best to make the old position 'Not Active' and create a new location with the new position title?



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Re: Updating Locations in TRIM

If its only the title, it should not be an issue because Title is for user display and all the processing - searching, access is based on Location URI basis as long as that stays same. You should not have any issue.  For any change as a part of best practices for change management, please try this on Non Prod and you can try even one Location change to see the effects within your environment. The only thing you need to watchout is if you have any 3rd party application which leverages on the Titles to call out.  Hopefully other forum members can give some more input if I miss anything.

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Re: Updating Locations in TRIM

Hi MichelleJ

You can safely update the titles of locations and all the audit history will remain. I do recommend enabling the Audit Log for changes to locations though (Administration -> Audit -> Active Audit Events) so you can see via the client what was done to each location. We have an admin practice of always putting a note on the location when changes are made as well.

If you create new locations and use the Delete, Replace option, you need to be aware of two major gotchas. I only just recently discovered these so I havent had time to log them yet.

  1. If you have any saved searches that are owned by a location that is being deleted (replaced), the saved search will be deleted. The system does not update the saved search with the replacement location.
  2. If you have any record types that have defaults (either the can use or the default access controls)  set to the location that is being deleted (replaced), your record types will end up with an access control such as Can Use: People in ( )  or View Metadata: People in ( ) etc.  The system does not update the record types with the replacement location.

I discovered these in HPRM 8.11 Server with client and server and client.

I hope this helps.

Adelaide, SA