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Unknown Location Consolidation Utility

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Unknown Location Consolidation Utility

I obtained the Unknown Location Consolidation Utility from Trim Support.


There is no documentation on the utility.   Can anyone give me a brief overview of the program and

and how it is used?





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Re: Unknown Location Consolidation Utility

It's not publicily available.  You should ask support.

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Re: Unknown Location Consolidation Utility

I submitted the request to HP support.



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Re: Unknown Location Consolidation Utility

Is this tool still available?


Does anyone know what it does?

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Re: Unknown Location Consolidation Utility

TRIMCat, the tool is available from support.  It allows you to consolidation locations, but not in a way that is extremely useful from my point of view.  Since it's not publically available you should really contact them and ask the questions.

Neil Summers
HPE Expert

Re: Unknown Location Consolidation Utility

Here's an explanation I received about what the tool does. This may help you decide if it does what you're hoping it will:


The way it works is as follows:


1. You have the option of choosing a single unknown location to clean up or it gives you the option to do all unknown locations simultaneously

2. You will then be prompted to choose a dataset to connect to and act upon

3. Assuming you choose all unknown locations, it grabs the first unknown location, then looks for other unknown locations that have the same email address listed in TRIM

4. It will then replace the record associations (home location, owner location, contacts, etc.) of records that are associated with the unknown location that is to be deleted, with the replacement unknown location

5. It will continue doing step 3 until there is only a single unknown location left with that email address in the dataset

6. If it can find a known (internal person) location with the same email address, it will continue using the known internal person location as the replacement, thereby ultimately deleting all the unknown locations with that email address.

7. It will continue going through all the unknown locations until finished with the dataset.




If there are multiple unknown locations but no known internal person locations in the dataset, then you will be left with a single unknown location, and all previous record associations will be replaced with the remaining unknown location.

If there is a known internal person location, it will use this instead, leaving you with no unknown locations with this email address.


Note there is no progress bar for the utility, the only indication that the utility is still successfully running is by checking in task manager and watching that the CPU / memory usage of the utility is changing periodically.  It is likely that this utility will take quite some time to complete depending on the number of unknown locations present in the dataset.

I recommend you test this utility on a backup of the dataset before applying to production.



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