Unable to configure email options in Trim?

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Unable to configure email options in Trim?

I was testing Trim and Office 2007 Pro SP2 with a WG server running Trim, but no matter what I did, the email tab was missing from the options menu (see attachment), even though the Outlook integration itself was working.


Ultimately, it turned out that my coworker found that since we both had installed Exchange System Manager on our computers, it replaced mapi32.dll with an Exchange specific version of the file.  While this doesn't affect Outlook itself, it would affect other programs that called to the email program, like Microsoft Word.  Quick fix was to rename mapi32.dll and run fixmapi.exe (both are in the system32 folder).  We haven't seen this to impair the use of System Manager, but it's likely to break other components of Microsoft Exchange that are installed on the computer, so make sure not to try anything like this on your actual email server.


Just figured this might be useful information for the other combination Trim/Exchange admins out there.

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Re: Unable to configure email options in Trim?

Thanks Raynebc,


This has come up before, but it's purely a limitation of installing server-side components on a client and is completely outside of TRIM.


Good one to have on the forums in case anyone has this issue!