Unable to change Owner Location

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Unable to change Owner Location

Create a record using a record type where all the default access control are Everyone

(The record type does NOT use the option of setting the access control to record owner)


Have two groups : Group A and Group B

You test user is in Group B only and does not have any bypass access control permissions


For the record you just created :-

Set View Metadata to Group B

Set Modify Record Access to a Group A

Leave the other access controls as Everyone


The logged in user (who is a member of Group B, NOT a member of Group A) has access to the Record

They can modify location properties of the record like "Home" and "Assignee" but they can't modify “Owner Location”


I would have throught they should be allowed to Modify the Owner Location if they ahve update record metadata permission. It seems restricting modify record access restrict setting Owner Location


Any thoughts, a bug, option i have missed, I'm Daft, whatever!





Sally Dunn
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Re: Unable to change Owner Location

Modifying the Owner Location is linked to the User Category (nominated on each users profile).  Information Manager and above are able to change Owner Location on our site.

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Re: Unable to change Owner Location



I don't think its liked to a permission in the profile.


Your Information managers probably have bypass access controls so even if they are in the group that allows them to modify the record metadata and *not* in the group that allows them to modify record access they will be able to update the owner location as they bypass this.