Two Separate Retention Schedules - Any Issues?

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Two Separate Retention Schedules - Any Issues?

Hi, we are contemplating having two retention schedules in TRIM. Does anyone see any potential issues/drawbacks with this? The only thing we could think of is that it would require more maintenance with the two schedules. The issue we have is that the system has been configured for physical records and is going off of a trigger of date closed. We are now implementing changes to faciliate electronic records and would like to use a trigger of date finalized since finalizing the document has the feature that it makes the document 'read only'. We would ideally like to keep the physical and electronic in the same dataset for ease of use and searching and we could change the current retention to go off of date final but that would require a process change as well as updates to all existing records already in TRIM. Any advice on this would be most appreciated.

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Re: Two Separate Retention Schedules - Any Issues?

Yes, you can have many more than 1 retention schedule in TRIM.

Most sites have thousands on different schedules based on State and Federal legislation.


A common way to apply schedules to records is via the Classification titling method on your records.

So giving a record a 'Paper' classifications can have one schedule and giving a record an 'Electronic' classification could apply a different schedule.


If you have only very basic scheduling requirements, you should be able to sort this one out without too much trouble.

Let us know if you need any more specific help?


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Re: Two Separate Retention Schedules - Any Issues?

Just want to add a caveat here to what Gundy has stated (which is totally correct).  Make sure you OFFICIAL records schedule shows that it applies to both paper and electronic records, and/or there are two separates schedules for them.


The key to supporting authorized destructions in TRIM is to ensure it abides by your official and approved retention schedules verbatim.