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Trying to understand the behavior of TRIM Temp Folder

Joshua Hutley
Outstanding Contributor.

Trying to understand the behavior of TRIM Temp Folder


In our environment when a document is viewed from TRIM and set to open in the native application, I have noticed that it copies the document in TRIM to the following path.


 C:\Documents and Settings\usersname\Local Settings\Application Data\TOWER Software\TRIM5\TEMP\CONTEXT.2423 for example.


My question is why two documents appear in this folder each time I open a document from TRIM?


The documents are identical except one is given a title of the record number in TRIM followed by the TRIM title.

The other is a code such as this t0MPEA43.msg (which doesn't’t seem to relate to anything).


What is also curious is that TRIM opens the long titled document. I discovered this because if the TRIM title is too long and the folder structure is too deep (as it is with the default temp location displayed above) you get windows error message.


So what is going on?