Try URL option unavailable

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Try URL option unavailable

I have properly set up the Web Server in TRIM and it is working as expected, except that there is no 'Try URL' option when right clicking on a TRIM Record Reference (*.tr5) file. If I open the tr5 in Notepad, I can see that the URL has been included (and it works if copied and pasted into a web browser (I have set it to open with the HP TRIM Web Client). Am I missing something?

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Re: Try URL option unavailable

It should be available if TRIM installed properly on the PC. As part of the installation process, TRIM sets up the file associations in Windows for the .TR5 extension. The two standard actions created are 'open' and 'Try URL' .


Have a look at:



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Re: Try URL option unavailable

Question.. The "Try URL" option works fine for me, but the generated link doesn't... it has too much information.  The two links provided are:




But neither of those work.. However, when I remove:


it resolves just fine...


Any ideas?



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Re: Try URL option unavailable