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Trouble with getting Automated Part rule to work (6.2.5)

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Trouble with getting Automated Part rule to work (6.2.5)



Having trouble geting automated part rule to work to close a file and create a new part. (Even if I try just closing the file it doesn't do it)


Have created the part rule

 Name - Close on Max Contents

 Event - Close Record and Create New part. (Also tried just "Close Record")

 No Date Trigger

 Set maximum Contents to 250

 Saved Part rule

 Applied part rule to container with 249 documents in it (no subfolders)

 Setup Event server to process Part rule for this dataset.

 Save and deployed and restarted server for good measure.

 Added new documents to file.


Watch event server process Automated part rule until all is processed.(nothing left)


File now has 252 documents in it. File is not closed, no new part created.

Nothing in Audit logs (online or offiline) to give me any clues as to what is wrong.

In desperation gave another restart to server and still nothing.


There is something about a registry key




But under 6.2.5 onwindows 64 bit there isnt a key like this, there is the node

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TOWER Software\TRIM5\EventServers\(Server Name)

but no key.


Workgroup server and client are all


Any ideas???












Trim Client and Workgroup Server

Setver is installed on Advanced Windows Server 2003  (64 bit)


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Re: Trouble with getting Automated Part rule to work (6.2.5)

G'day TIA,

I may be stating the obvious, but have you applied the part rule to the actual Record Type? 

Located on the 'Numbering' tab in the Record Type Properties. 

I know you mentioned applying it to the Container (I'm guessing through right-clicking, Administrative Tools, Assign Part Rule).



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Re: Trouble with getting Automated Part rule to work (6.2.5)

A couple of things:


1. Ensure that Automatic Part Rule events are being processed by the event server.

Check this in your TES configuration.


2. Creating a part rule and applying it retrospectively wont work.

If you create a new test container and put 250 items in it using the same record type and rule, you will probably find that it works. (Assuming point 1 is checked and ok)


For older containers, you will need to close them off and create new parts manually. (Can't remember if the rule then works for the new part, but you will find that out with some quick testing)

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Re: Trouble with getting Automated Part rule to work (6.2.5)



Excuse the pun but 'events' have overtaken me on this, I now work somewhere else and have a hazy recollection of this. We did get it working to a fashion (I think your second point was the key factor), but there were a couple of 'gotchas' with it which limited its usefulness.


Firstly you really need to have the system option set to prevent users putting documents on closed files. (This isn't practical in a environment where you are still migrating documents from the file system, as they need to go on the file that relates to the time period for that document) If you have 'warn' then it only helps the users that bother to read the message!


Secondly, the part rule on numbers of documents only refers to the container itself and not the combined total of the containers and subcontainers. So if you have a limit to 100 on a file, that could be just 100 documents, or 90 documents and 10 sub folders (each with multiple documents) or 10 documents and 90 subfolders each with multiple documents.




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Re: Trouble with getting Automated Part rule to work (6.2.5)

Ahhh, I didn't see that this was a resurrected thread. ;)



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event