Trouble re-creating index in 7.3

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Trouble re-creating index in 7.3

We recently upgraded from TRIM 7.1 to TRIM 7.3 and need to recreate the document content index. Followed the steps in the Help topic: Setting up document content indexing and searching.  In TES, created the content index  (Used defaults and tested setup resulted in "success"), then configured the indexing under the Event Processing.  Next tried to "re-index the dataset using IDOL" and run into different errors when trying to run from the workgroup server.  When running from a client workstation on a single record, it appears to index correctly, however the "Document Content" search method is not available.  Its not listed in the available or blocked search methods under system options either.  The HP TRIM IDOL Service and HP TRIM IDOL Content Service1 and Service 2 are started.  Any thoughts on the step I'm missing to successfully reindex?

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Re: Trouble re-creating index in 7.3

If document content is not an available search method it's usually because of one of these reasons:


1) It's a blocked method -- you've already said this is not the case

2) It's not been created -- you've already said this is not the case

3) It's not in the license -- check your license details (help->setup information->license)