'Trim' not being added to email subject lines

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'Trim' not being added to email subject lines

Hi Guys,


We're using Trim Context with Outlook 2003 and Exchange Server 2003 and one user is experiencing a problem.  He is able to click and drag an email into Trim and it brings up the prompt to enter in details such as the title which shows the subject of the email.  The user renames the title to remove the FW: and classification and then saves the record into Trim.  At this stage an error message appears advising


"The e-mail message has been successfully saved as a record attachment.  Your e-mail system has prevented the subject of the e-mail message from being modified"


And if the user then checks the email back in Outlook the original subject line beginning with FW: and ending with the security classification is still displayed.  The Trim add-in for Outlook is loaded and appears to be working correctly.


I have tried uninstalling trim and office then restarting and reinstalling office then trim but the issue remains.  The client is able to manually rename the subject line of the email in Outlook so it doesn't appear to be a write permission issue.


We have other users using the same hardware and software and they have the functionality of the emails being renamed when saved into Trim.  Is this a known issue and/or is there a fix or workaround for this?


If it is possible to fix this without reimaging the client's computer or providing them with another it would be ideal but I understand if that is the only option.


I have searched the forums here but couldn't find an exact match to this issue or advice in similar threads that I could try for this case.


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Re: 'Trim' not being added to email subject lines



Dragging and dropping an email from Outlook into TRIM has always had issues (at least until the latest 6.2.5 build). In 6.2.4 you will get that error and it wont put TRIM in front of the subject. Dragging and dropping from outlook is also independent of the TRIM in Outlook add-in. Since you have the TRIM in outlook add-in why not just use the catalogue button?  This will save the document into TRIM and correctly add TRIM to the subject header.

Otherwise if dragging and dropping is a must, consider 6.2.5.



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Re: 'Trim' not being added to email subject lines

Thank you for your prompt response.  I have left a message with the user to try that and let me know if it does the trick.