Trim 7.10 Directory Synchronisation

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Bao L Nguyen
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Trim 7.10 Directory Synchronisation

Hi I'm interested in evaluating Trim Directory Synchronisation but don't know where to start, can someone please point me in the right direction

  • where can I obtain a copy of the installation package?
  • Is it part of the standard Trim Licence package or is it a addon?

Thanks in advance

Terry McKenna
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Re: Trim 7.10 Directory Synchronisation


The TRIM DS tool is part of the core package so if you have the TIRM software you can use this tool at no additional cost. The help file is in the "Documentation" folder on the CD.


Be sure to review the TRIMSpec file for any known issues or limitations.

HP Application Information Optimizer (AIO) Support
Joshua Hutley
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Re: Trim 7.10 Directory Synchronisation

It seems there is no 64bit TRIMDS. Is that correct?


Where would you typically install TRIMDS?


We are running a 64bit HP TRIM Test Server so it seems i cant install it there.



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Re: Trim 7.10 Directory Synchronisation

Been a while since I installed TRIMDS... (Since 6.2.3 or so), but I thought it was independant of the WG server it was connecting to, so you could probably install it on any server machine. 

Just a guess though, I would need to double check this!



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Re: Trim 7.10 Directory Synchronisation

I just tried this out, it refused to let me install it unless the computer had the same version of Trim installed.  So either the thick client or the server must already be installed in order to install TrimDS.