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Trim 7.1 client slows Office 2003 dramatically.

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Trim 7.1 client slows Office 2003 dramatically.

Hi everyone,


we have recently upgraded to Trim 7.1 from 6.1. The client machine are primarily xp with office 2003 and have found that since we have installed the new Trim they are significantly slower. This is particularly the case when opening emails in outlook 2003. You can wait 5 sec for an email to open sometimes. With the trim com add-in disabled it functions much quicker - 1 sec or less.

Philip Harney
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Re: Trim 7.1 client slows Office 2003 dramatically.

Can you be more specific, I've had some speed issues during load of it, but that's been due to no internet and Microsoft trying to register a certificate when it loads and it has a timeout speed.  They customer Im working with is currently doing there UAT of TRIM with 16 users from across the business and none have complained about speed of outlook in windows 7 office 2010, or windows XP with office 2003.


It would be nice to know exactly what actions seem to be running slower, e.g.. Opening an email ? , sending a new email, browsing between containers.   This will allow me to test these with in an environment and may give others (and HP) an option to compare in different environments.


Cheers P




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Re: Trim 7.1 client slows Office 2003 dramatically.

Hi Phil,


Specifically we have found that opening emails has taken a while with the frame of the email with the trim toolbar opening and sitting there for 1sec before the rest of the email appears. Attaching a file to an email via the addin takes a long time - sometimes more than 5 to 10 sec on some machines.


Now i am not sure but could it be related to the older version 6.1 not uninstalling cleanly? We have related .dll errors relating to that as well which we are trying to resolve.



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Re: Trim 7.1 client slows Office 2003 dramatically.

This has been found at a number of other sites also..Unfortunatly found out too late and went ahead with the upgrades. This has been in a mixed environment of 2003, 2007 amd office 2010 machines all apart from the computers with office 2003 are fine. 


I have come across a few tweaks that could in theory increase preformance but have yet to confirm those

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event