Topdrawer Problem - Please Help !

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Topdrawer Problem - Please Help !

We are using TRIM Context 5.2.5.


When a user save a document, she gets TopDrawer pops up (It has been disabled) with the following message:

1) TopDrawer Dataset needs to be upgraded - Then we select the DBID required (i.e. 45)

2) TopDrawer Dataset converted 45


We have reinstalled TRIM Context on her machine.  Your advice is sought.

Jason Boswell
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Re: Topdrawer Problem - Please Help !

DBID=45 is usually the demonstration database. There is probably no need for a general user to have a top drawer location for the demonstration database. Are you installing the demo database ?


The TopDrawer upgrade is usually required when the main TRIM software is upgraded between major releases.


It may be easiest to make sure all documents are checked in for this user then delete the top drawer files and start clean.