TRM 7.34: Security - Appropriate Method for TES

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TRM 7.34: Security - Appropriate Method for TES

What is the TRIM-acceptable standard for appropriate maintainance of logins that can access current events associated to the TRIM Enterprise Strudio (TES) interface?


It seems reasonable that individual logins would be able to achieve the appropriate level of access to TES.


What is the standard for configuration of administrative access in this regard?

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Re: TRM 7.34: Security - Appropriate Method for TES

Not sure if there is a standard but typically i would
1. Install TES on selected workstations other the workgroup servers
2. On TRIM workgroup server, I would share ServerData\TRIM folder with read access TRIM Admins or similar type users
3. Depending on your dataset DBMS connection settings (Windows or SQL authentication), if its windows authentication, I would add read only users to TRIM SQL database otherwise if SQL authentication not an issue
4. From the installed workstation where TES installed, open .CFG file using read only network share as per point 2 and open TRIMConfig.cfg. Monitor events.

Its not a standard methodology as such but at least it allows a TRIM admin who does not have permissions to logon to a TRIM workgroup server (for security reason) to monitor events. They can look and cannot update. The important point, is read only access to a subset of users as per point 2.


Note: I'm assuming NTFS, Shared Permissions, SQL Database and TRIM Service accounts are configured as per TRIMInstall.pdf

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