TRIMPort expanded numbers condensed

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TRIMPort expanded numbers condensed

Hi guys,

We are using TRIMPort in HP TRIM 7.3 and we need to import new records into TRIM. When adding pairs, there is no option to add to record numbers, only expanded numbers.

The expanded numbers contain leading zero's, example PROJ2012/00000427. The Record number is PROJ2012/427. The record type that these are being imported into have the numbering pattern XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Is there any way to import the expanded records with the condensed number? We tried adding the pairs in TRIMPort of record number to expanded number which means in Admin tools ==> Record Number, both the record number and expanded number show as the condensed number. But, this means we lose the expanded number value. Is there a way to import both the expanded number and record number?

Please help me out.

Thank you in advanced.

Neil Summers
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Re: TRIMPort expanded numbers condensed

TRIMPort only provides the option to import expanded numbers. It checks during the import whether the expanded number matches the record type's numbering pattern, and if so, derives the record number from that. Otherwise as you've seen, the record number will be set to the same as the imported expanded number. This mimics the way TRIM generates the (compressed) version of the record number when a user creates a record.

The only way I can think of to achieve what you're after is based on the assumption all the record numbers you're importing are of the same numbering pattern. You would need to:

  1. Manipulate the data in your import file such that the record numbers are actually an expanded record number, e.g. PROJ2012/00000427
  2. Set the numbering pattern in the record type to something like KKKKyyyy/GGGGGGGG (which would generate an appropriate compressed record number in normal TRIM use)
  3. Map the expanded record number to the expanded number field in the import wizard



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