TRIMPort and Record Number

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TRIMPort and Record Number

Is it possible to use TRIMPort to update the Record Number of a set of records?  When matching up fields from the import file, I am able to match Expanded Number but Record Number does not appear in the list.  Even if it did, it is not clear how to indicate that it should be used as a field to be replaced rather than to identify the record.


I am trying to chage the numbering pattern of a set of records, so as to standardise the format for records created during different periods.  In some cases the pattern was based on a 7 digit ID code, in others it is based on an incremental number.  I know I can manually alter the record number for each Container, but I'd prefer not to have to do this for 6000+ items (not to mention all the documents).


Ideally I'd like to be able to use another field to identify the record, and have TRIMPort specify what to change the Record Number and Expanded Number to.


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Re: TRIMPort and Record Number

Unfortunately not possible with TRIMPort.


TRIMPort uses the record number to either create a new record or to update or skip an existing record.Only certain fields can be updated, record number not being one of them.


You could use TRIMPort to export the records and then update the export file with the new record numbers. Then delete the records from TRIM, and re-import them with TRIMPort. Messy, and can lead to potential loss of some data.


A program written with the SDK could do it - probably the best way and the way I would do it.


Could also be done at the database level, but is riskier and not recommended.


Whichever approach is taken, test thoroughly in a test environment!