TRIM Usage..

Prasad Rajopadh
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TRIM Usage..


Being a TRIM user wanted to know...


1) What are the different use cases (different situations, usages, users) where trim can be used ?

2) Apart from Netwrok Authentication (Windows authentication), can we use TRIM with Active Directory, or may be any other authentication methods ?

3) Can we add different metadata properties (though there are multiple options available), just wanted to know how much customization is possible to add metadata ?

Beau Richards
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Re: TRIM Usage..


1)      HP TRIM is extremely versatile.  It can be a configured as Records Management System; a Document Management tool; a Case management tool; or all three at once!  It can handle Electronic documents; Paper Documents; Physical Records; Space Management; (there is a  rumour that it even handles prisoners in Australia!).  HP TRIM can be used by entry workers, Executives, Managers, remote users and even clients via the internet.  It has Scanning modules; Workflow modules and even works with MS SharePoint – actively or passively.  And finally, it plays well with SDK Customization.   There isn’t much HP TRIM Can’t do!  

2)      As you mentioned, HP TRIM grants access based on the user’s successful log on to their corporate network (local PC) and the fact they have been granted the ability to log into HP TRIM by the TRIM Administrator.  This reduces the need for users to “log on to TRIM” as well as their desktop.  HP TRIM can also use a NOVELL TREE for Novell login name resolution.

3)      Yes, you can create “ADDITIONAL FIELDS” to accept metadata unique to your corporate needs and associate them to every object in HP TRIM including (but not limited to) Record Types, Classification, Retention Schedules, Locations, Thesaurus Terms and much more.  These ADDITIONAL FIELDS can be String, Text, Decimal, Date, Boolean (to name a few) and can even be sourced (or fed) by a finite List, or “LOOK UP SET” which forces the user to choose from a pre-defined list of options.


While your questions are short, the answers are potentially long and detailed.  I hope I answered them sufficiently but if you require more information, feel free to repost or email me directly.

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Prasad Rajopadh
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Re: TRIM Usage..

Thanks Richards this is very helpful.