TRIM IDOL reindex question

Joshua Hutley
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TRIM IDOL reindex question



I was reindexing a years worth of records yesterday using TRIM 7.32 and idol. This was about 450,000 records.


The issue is one of the threads failed with this error.


Function request (Extract Document) for HP TRIM Workgroup Server 'HWIN-TRIM-PRV01' failed. Workgroup Error. Extracting document from server. Could not read from source file on server (\\hwin-trfs-tev01\TRIMSTOREtest\TRIM\88\23\001\020\0C8Y18OM197.LOG). Error: Reached the end of the file. (0x00000026).


I have checked and this document cannot be opened using the client either. My questions is why would this cause the thread to stop processing (it handles other errors without issue) and if this thread fails but the others finsihed correctly is there anyway to know what records i need to reindex out of the whole years worth of records.


Thank you