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TRIM Date Formats

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TRIM Date Formats

I have conducted a search and sorted by Date Created and note that the sort results will place a record created on 14/03/2010 before one created on 4/03/2010. The TRIM Help file shows dates with the preceding 0 eg 04/03/2010. Can anyone tell me where  TRIM derives the date format from and is it editable>




Sander Hoogwerf
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Re: TRIM Date Formats

TRIM should get the date format from your regional settings. So when you configure your machines regional settings for date format dd/MM/yyyy instead of d/MM/yyyy (notice the single d), then displaying should be conform expectations.


However the sorting on TRIM fields (in contrast to additional fields) is done in the database, where the format is always YYYYMMDD...  so the sorting should be OK regardless of the regional settings. I think it's best to contact support about this.

By the way, you're sure you're not sorting in reverse order?

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Re: TRIM Date Formats



you were correct. The date format is set to d/mm/yyyy in the user PC settings - fixed by a Group Policy under Vista and unalterable by users. I have admin rights over my PC and changed the default Regional Settings to change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy and proved the correct presentation of search results ordered correctly by the date. IT are now revisiting the Vista Group Policy.


Thanks for your help

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