TRIM Access Control customisation

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TRIM Access Control customisation

Does anyone know how to tailor access controls so that an end-user is able to save a document into a file on which they don’t have ‘view document’ access (this is for a specific requirement being setup for a client).

The end-user  has the following rights : • View Metadata • Update Record Metadata • Contribute Contents

They don’t have: • Modify Record Access • Destroy Record • Update Document

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Re: TRIM Access Control customisation

Hi Barrington,


Access Control configuration can certainly be "daunting" to set up properly for your organization's needs.


Would you by chance, have access to an HP (TRIM) Partner that you can contact to assist you with this locally?


I highly suspect the reason you haven't had an answer here is because there may be quite a bit of analysis that needs to be done on your system/business rules before a proper access control configuration can be obtained.  Not something that's easy to do on a forum :smileywink:


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Re: TRIM Access Control customisation

If the user does not have “Update Document” I don’t see how this can work.

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