TRIM 7 Auto Get global

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TRIM 7 Auto Get global

Is there any one who have tried to get global settings automatically once TRIM7 is deployed. In earlier version there was reg key "AUTOGG" to trigger auto get global. But TRIM7.msi this key is missing.


Is there any work around?



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Re: TRIM 7 Auto Get global

Auto Get Global was removed in TRIM 7.


I have raised a few cases with R&D to get this put back in and documented correctly at least. (Did this a while ago, not sure when it will be implemented again)


There are a couple of workarounds to 'deploy' global settings to all users:


1. Turn on Lockdown Style in System Options > Miscellaneous

This will force all interfaces to use the Global Settings.

However in TRIM 7, only End Users or lower are forced to get interface settings, so you also need to change the default user permissions on Info Works and above:

System Options > Permissions > Select Info Working (and then again with Info Manager) and untick the Permission 'Bypass loading global toolbar and menu'.


Once you turn on Lockdown Style, all users will get the Global Interface settings, then you can turn Lockdown off again.


2.  Second option is to deploy user config files manually, but this is a bit more messy, complicated depending on differeny user types/permissions etc...

I can go into detail if needed, but I'd suggest option 1 at this stage.