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TRIM 7.34: How Licensing Works (Including RM8 Changes)

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TRIM 7.34: How Licensing Works (Including RM8 Changes)

As I understand it, in TRIM 7.34 (the way licenses are set up here, having had TRIM since ~2003):


  • All users are on the same license type & cost (unlike RM8, where the user type affects the license type & cost).
  • One license per seat; i.e. the number of active logins in TRIM = number of licenses.


Assuming these things are correct, the main question is:


  • Can users log in through the same account on multiple devices without affecting license count of 1:1 (User : License).


Secondary question:

  • Will this change in RM8?



- Posted by another team member, not Mick Regan.

Greg Fraser_1
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Re: TRIM 7.34: How Licensing Works (Including RM8 Changes)

Hi not Mick Regan,


RM8 works in the same way as 7 licenses are based per seat, which are calculated by active logons.


So you will be able to have users logon from multiple devices and that will not affect the number of seats used.

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