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TRIM 7.1 How to clear out all records from the system


TRIM 7.1 How to clear out all records from the system

I have a development system on which we've developed our file plan, locations, record types, schedules, etc.


I want to clean the record data from the system or be able to export the configuration data only to use it as the basis for a new production system.


According to Fix list (, fix no. 34938 (Data Migration), appears to provide something I could use, but the this includes a warning note:

"These new options are not for migrating a dataset for production purposes"


Our development system has 25,000 records on it.  I don't to clean out the system by tagging and deleting all the current records. 


Does anyone know of another way to get a clean system?


I'll appreciate any response



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Re: TRIM 7.1 How to clear out all records from the system

I haven't played with the new TRIM 7.1 feature you mention. IMHO the warning means, that R&D haven't thouroughly tested/validated the feature, but should be adequate to create stripped down datasets for training purposes.


Alternatively you could start with a blank dataset in your acceptance environment. Build up your configuration by following the configuration documentation you created during your development phase.

Then backup the configured acceptance environment, perform your acceptance tests and if OK, then restore your backup copy in production.


If you'd like to take shortcuts, I'd just tag all records and delete using the TRIM client(or SDK script to bypass warning dialogs in TRIM). With only 25k records that shouldn't take too long. And if you're using SQL Server instead of Oracle, then you can even perform this task in parallel TRIM sessions.

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Re: TRIM 7.1 How to clear out all records from the system

Thanks for the reply.


The nature of the develoment is such that we couldn't  gurantee that all configuration data would be recorded other than in the system itself.  Ideally, I'd like to export just the configuration, leaving data records and the related indexes, etc behind.


Hopefully that will be possible in the future but, in the meantime, I used the tag all and delete and it didn't take so long. 


I then used SQL Server to shrunk the database files and dropped and recreated the content index to try to create as clean an enviornment as possible. 


That's the approach I'll be using from now on.