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TRIM 6.2.5 ans Windows 7 - Office 2010

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TRIM 6.2.5 ans Windows 7 - Office 2010

Hi all,


I have been trying to find information on whether TRIM 6.2.5 is (or will ever be) compatible with Office 2010.. Can someone please advise?


We need to undertake PC upgrades to Windows 7 and would like to implement Office 2010 but I don't want to have to upgrade to TRIM 7 at this stage so was hoping 6.2.5 would be compatible..


I would appreciate any up-to-date advice or suggestions..

Many thanks,


Honored Contributor

Re: TRIM 6.2.5 ans Windows 7 - Office 2010

While I can't speak for HP, I highly doubt you'll see v6 updated to work with Office 2010.  v7.1 just came out this month and that's the first version TO work with Office 2010.

Mike Leydon
Regular Collector

Re: TRIM 6.2.5 ans Windows 7 - Office 2010

At a recent presentation by HP on TRIM 7.1, I asked the same question.


The answer was "No" to the question of Office 2010 integration being available with the 6.2 series.


I would suggest that you approach your TRIM sales rep to get the answer directly...



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