TRIM and IE8 compatibility / support

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TRIM and IE8 compatibility / support

We are currently running several large projects across all of our agencies. 2 of these are TRIM and IE8.

We have 2 large sites that have TRIM 6.2.3 Build 1147 that will be upgraded to TRIM 7.1.1 in the next 4-5 months. In the meantime these 2 sites have users that are part of the IE8 pilot.


Is the combination of TRIM 6.2.3 & IE8 compatible and supported by HP?


The TRIM 6.2.3 Specs lists IE6 or 7 but as IE8 wasn't released then it is difficult to judge if the combination we have in pilot would be supported. One of the sites has not experienced any issues with the old TRIM / new IE.

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Re: TRIM and IE8 compatibility / support

It's not 'supported' in that it wasn't tested against that TRIM release.

But if it works in testing, then go for it.



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Re: TRIM and IE8 compatibility / support

Thanks Jon.


We thought that might be the case.

I'll let the know IE8 Project Manager to perhaps "tread softly" with the TRIM 6.2. users.


Cheers, Glenn

Philip Harney
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Re: TRIM and IE8 compatibility / support

Hey Glenn,

Just a question, are you using ice with 6.2.3/4 , if not I dont see how the version of IE would effect your deployment ?


Is there more information we dont know about??  if your not using the web based parts of TRIM,. you can run the thick client with your home made web browser  :D


but mostly dealing with all web software, it all works well where you have a right mouse click, the web client on an ipad, for example not cool with out a right mouse button..


Now were's my enhancement request



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Re: TRIM and IE8 compatibility / support

Hi Philip,


We are not using any web client, all of ours are fat, fat, fat!

Any apps that use IE as the front end have been checked to not cause any problem with TRIM, if they do the user gets one or the other.


We haven't had any specific problems from the pilots of IE8 on TRIM 6.2.3 in these agencies. 

One agency the pilots report no issues with TRIM and a range of apps since IE8 went in. They did do some very good prep work though.


The other is one of our largest agencies with 1000's of users. Nothing specific on problems reported by the pilots in this one just some general rumblings building. We just wanted to pre-warn ourselves in case the rumbling move to the next phase.



Cheers, Glenn.