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TR5 links in HP RM8.11.7760 - Licence issue or not?


TR5 links in HP RM8.11.7760 - Licence issue or not?


HP RM8.1.1.7760, win 7, sql 2012, Ms office 2010


After the upgrade from HP TRIM 7.3.4. to HP RM8.1.1.7760 some users cannot open the TR5 reference links (on desktop or in E-Mails)

They can create them however.

They are very blank/white-sh , meaning even without the Windows logo (Unknown Windows application)


I investigated this and find out some confusing facts


Some users can open old TR5 links (made before the upgrade) but no the new ones , made after the upgrade

Some users cannot open either tr5 links

Some / most of users are creating these new ones tr5 links with a new licence info ( even when they use old or newly made documents before/after the upgrade)


So, the old existing tr5 links e.g. older than a week (so made before upgrade) that we found in e.g. emails in Deleted Item mailbox, when opened in Notepad , gives the correct licence number)

The new tr5 links made from old or new docs , when opened in Notepad are displaying the new licencing number ...







Re: TR5 links in HP RM8.11.7760 - Licence issue or not?

Anyone knows where in windows registry is the key value for TR5 reference links?


The windows cannot recognise properly the HP RM app, meaning TRIM.exe .... when we browse for open with Program Files(86) HP Records manager - TRIM.EXE , it does recognise this but it does not place the application as"trustable" in that list/window so that we can chose Hp Records Manager as a default application for opening TR5 reference links..

any ideas here or I am on a wrong track?


Greg Fraser_1
HPE Expert

Re: TR5 links in HP RM8.11.7760 - Licence issue or not?

The TR5 file needs to contain the current license, so the old TR5 file with the old license will not open.

you should also check (in Windows) that they have the correct file association so that the .tr5 extension is pointing to the current installed version - RM8.

Right mouse click on the TR5 file > open with > choose default program and associate with RM8.

This isn't always necessary, it should only be require if the user has changed from the default.

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Re: TR5 links in HP RM8.11.7760 - Licence issue or not?

It could be related to the installation process, as we figured out that users loged to another PC Machine have these tr5 links working fine.

Although, the roaming profile did not passed the settings to the users normal/usual PC.



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