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Suggestions for "refreshing" records deemed as vital

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Suggestions for "refreshing" records deemed as vital

Hello - I am looking for suggestions/recommendations on a process with respect to attaching a new version of an electronic documenta that is considered vital.  For example, we have an internal process that is considered vital and as its udpated, they want to place newest approved version in TRIM and keep the old version in TRIM.  In the archiving process, it currently calls for finalizing and closing the records.  We are working in version Also, we have enabled scheduled tasks and vital records review. 


Some options we have considered:

  1. We really like the streamlined view of the "revisions" so we are considering "unfinalizing" the individual documents and allowing a user to attach a new revision. 
  2. Use the records relationship "supercedes" which would mean we would not have to unfinalize the superceded record and would simply create a new record and add the relationship.  (Interestingly this shows up under All Versions instead of Related Records and Versions do not included "revisions")

Comments welcome.  Thanks,