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Subfolders in HPRM8.2

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Subfolders in HPRM8.2

We frequently use subfolders in HPRM8.2, does anyone know how you can make the subfolders appear immediately under the folder it is contained within? At present what happens is that the subfolders along with any documents list/appear in the order of the date they are registered into the container.  Also is there a way you can have the subfolders automatically migrate to the latest volume of your container?

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Re: Subfolders in HPRM8.2

You may find Automatic SubFolder under the RecordType (one of the Tabs of RecordType) useful for your automatic folder creation. You can create any number of SubFolders. For your questoin of moving these folders based on your latest Volumn Containers, can you shed some light with example? (in Short, Yes, you can either use Alternative Within or Change the Container subject to your numbering format rule).


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event