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Space Management module - modifying storage levels

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Space Management module - modifying storage levels

In the data sheet for the TRIM Space Management module, it suggests that you can 'specify that a specific storage level is not available for storage. For example, a particular storage space can house equipment and be unavailable for storing archive boxes. To make the space available again, you simply select the ‘modify’ button and specify how much space is available.'


However, I have been unable to locate the 'modify' button anywhere in the module.

How would I go about marking certain spaces unavailable without creating 'dummy' records to occupy the spaces?

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Re: Space Management module - modifying storage levels

It might have just been the "wording" on the datasheet you have, but basically you would go in and "modify" the capacity of a particular shelf or slot, to reflect a capacity of "1", locate one item onto that shelf or slot and then the system wouldn't allow any other item to be stored there. 


The "modify" button in this case would be the "Properties" selection for that shelf or slot.