Security In TRIM - Issue

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Security In TRIM - Issue

I think they need to put a big sign on the old forum site directing people to this new one, I postes one this morning and had no idea about this one until I was reading another issue someone had posted and saw that it had moved.... Anyway


Some of you may remember I posted a question about Security a few months ago because we had a new group of contractors come in and needed to ensure that they could not access our Corporate Information. I created two Security Levels 'Employee', 'Contractor' and 'Unclassified'. So I went through the gruelling task of changing 90% of the containers in TRIM to the 'Employee' Security and leaving some open to 'Contractor'. The Record Types Security has been left as Unclassfield and changed once a container is created. Here is my issue, any TRIM links to documents sent via email or the TRIM links on our Intranet site that are avaliable for all to use dont work for contractors. Reason being is the Security on the Container the document is linked to is 'Employee' but the acutal document is 'Unclassified'. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get around this.  Would be happy to provide more information if needed

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Re: Security In TRIM - Issue

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You've gotten yourself partly where you need to be.  Applying a new security level to a folder does not automatically apply it to a document contained within.  So any of your reference files residing on the file shares or in emails will still open and check the security level of the contractor against that of the document.  Since the document did not get the new level from the container the reference file doesn't display a result in TRIM for the contractor.


The easiest way to fix this is to do the following:

1) Open TRIM

2) Initiate a search

3) Find all "folders" with the "contractor" security level

4) Right-click->Tag All

5) Right-click->Navigate->Contained Records

6) Right-click->Tag All

7) Right-click->Details->Security Access

8) Set the security level to Contractor

9) Apply all


That should update them all correctly.


Let me know if this doesn't make sense or if you have any issues.




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Re: Security In TRIM - Issue

Problem being is the TRIM links to documents are contained within Containers that Contractors shouldn't have access to the whole container, only some of the documents contained within it. These containers have the Security of 'Employee' For example specific Policies and procedures and OH& Induction records, user manuals etc etc.