Scan and TRIM documents into Repository

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Scan and TRIM documents into Repository


We have sites where we use TRIM client 6.2.5 and TRIM cleint 7.1.2


Is there a way currently we can Scan and Store documents into TRIM Respository directly without having to email first and later TRIM is through Outlook client.


Thanks for information.



Praful Sharma.

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Re: Scan and TRIM documents into Repository

Hi Praful,


Yes this is possible through one of teh follwoing options:

1) TRIMScan

2) Document Queues

3) 3rd party Scanning software like EzeScan, Kofax, etc.


Whatever the solution is you are looking for depends entirely on your scanning process and woudl be too simplistic to try and answer through this forum.  I suggest contcating your business partner to have them  assist you wiuth this process.



Peter Haar

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