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Restricting access to certain records

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Restricting access to certain records

Hi all,


I was wondering if there is a way to restrict a logged-in user to only access certain specified records without placing Access Control on every other record in the Dataset.


The situation I am looking at is a set of records that should be available to a specific group of users, which inlcudes people from inside and outside the organisation.  However, we don't want to allow people outside the organisation to access records other than this specific set.

The Access Control (and Security/Security Caveat) set-up allows us to specify that records can only be accessed by a select set of locations, but the inverse is not true.  The only way I can think of to achieve this is to either create an Access Group that contains everyone in the organisation and apply it as a restriction to all records except the few I want the external people to access (which isn't feasible from an ongoing maintenance point of view) or to do something similar with Security, which is not feasible for the same reason.


Any ideas appreciated.


Greg Fraser_1
HPE Expert

Re: Restricting access to certain records

I would say firstly forget access controls for this, far too much micro managing 


Personally I would use security levels, make all users and existing records set to "Security level 2" for example. Then any records you would like open to external users set that to "security level 1".


I am assuming that external users are logging on with a guest account, you would just need to set the security level of the guest account to 1. They will not be able to view records with a higher number eg 2

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Re: Restricting access to certain records

Yep, best option for blanket access across the dataset is to use Security Levels.

However since you have an established dataset, you may not have Security applied to everything and it will be a pain to apply it in bulk across the entire dataset (with risks involved, having to give everyone else that security level etc).


If you DO use security already, create a new lower security level, e.g. 'Public', apply this to records that can be viewed by the public users.

This will allow everyone in the organisation (who already have a higher security clearance on their location) to still view them, but the public users wont have a clearance higher than 'Public' and will only see these selected records.


Hope that makes sense? :)

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Re: Restricting access to certain records

Thanks guys.  That suggestion looks like it will work.  I'll pass it up the line and see what eventuates.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event