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Requests in HP RM 8.1.7760 - Not deleted after processing

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Requests in HP RM 8.1.7760 - Not deleted after processing


Win 7, HP RM8.1.7760, SQL 2012, MS OFFICE 2010


I apologise for lots of topics, but I have good intention to solve the current issues in the company related to the recent upgrade to HP RM8.1


So if i post some issue that is already discussed here, please forgive, as (due to lack of time) sometimes is hard to find the topic that talks about it.


OK, the issue that they reported to me now is about the requests

They are not vanishing after they have been processed, meaning if I request the record and request appear in the list, then I assign that file to my self, the request does not dissappear.....

These are the help topic on that:


To turn off advanced requests and return to using standard requests, clear the tag beside Advanced Request Processing and click OK.


In our options, the advanced request processing is checked/selected.


How we can fix this one?

regards and thanks for everyone involved in assistig me in all this.