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Removal of Record Caveats from a large number of Records

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Removal of Record Caveats from a large number of Records

I am currently reviewing our Security Matrix and reducing the number of Caveats utilised within our TRIM database. This process includes the removal of Caveats from (tens of) thousands of records within the Database. I am hoping that someone might be able to provide some advice. I am looking for the most efficient process to follow in order to remove these Caveats(rather than just removing them individually from each Document/File). In particular this activity must be completed without losing the audit history of the Documents, Files and Boxes. I have read on this Forum that the audit Log will retain a history of who has removed the Caveat and what the Caveat was, but what about information from before the Caveat removal?


Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Removal of Record Caveats from a large number of Records

The audit history should remain the same after the removal of a caveat.


Katherine Birch
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Re: Removal of Record Caveats from a large number of Records

There are a couple of ways to do this depending on how you establish what records need to have their security changed.  The first thing to check is that the Audit history is actually turned on for "security profile change" if this is not on, then no history will be recorded.  This can be found in the properties of the record type under the "Audit" tab.


If you want to manage the entire process within TRIM you can find the records you want and tag the ones you want to change to the same security and caveat and then;

  • right click select details, security access
  • click All tagged rows and ok
  • make amendments to the security/caveats as required
  • click ok

The other important thing to remember is if documents are enclosed within containers the security is usually the same (depending on your setting) in the records types for the said containers and document under the general tab there are options on how containers and documents behave when they have contrasting security, if this is set to "prevent" then it will not allow you to change security on containers with enclosed documents.  If it is set to "display warning" you will generate errors.  So it is probably a good idea to set to "Ignore" and change it back to your original settings once you have finished making your changes.


You will need to update security for both the documents and the containers as changing one will not change the other.


If you have complicated changes that you need databases or excel to sort the data it might be a good idea to use the upload process (TRIMport) rather than just tagging the records.  There is good information in the TRIM manual (access with F1) but if you need assistance just holler.


Good luck, Kate