Registering Number of Pages

Jeroen Breuer

Registering Number of Pages



We are setting up a new TRIM dataset used for classified records. Registering the number of pages of a document is required and for some category of records, no electronic documents will be attached. TRIM does have a Field called ‘Number of Pages’, but it seems designed for an attached electronic document only (available on Tab ‘Electronic’ in the Record Form).

When scanning a paper document using Kofax Capture, could you use a TRIM Field Type (like TRIM_renbrpages ?) in a batch class to use during validation (without using TRIM SDK)?


It seems to me the simple (only option?) is to create an Additional Field 'Number of Pages' (and maybe send an enhancement request).

Anyone registering ‘Number of pages’ for both records with and without electronic attachments, and did you choose to just create an Additional Field for this purpose?



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Re: Registering Number of Pages

I created an additional field for that purpose,

But the challege i have is to have TRIM automatically give me the total number of pages of all attached  electronica documents.




Julius Noble