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Records Manager 8.1 - Alert Services Blocked by error

Occasional Contributor

Records Manager 8.1 - Alert Services Blocked by error

Alerts were working this morning and now I am getting the following error message.

HP Records Manager Workgroup Server running on amaprdermwkg02x.DPI.NSW.GOV.AU reported the following message:
Error : T1 User: AMAPRDERMWKG02X - Error processing event on database 'T1' for processor 'Alerts Service', event details: 143171178, eventtype =0, bobtype=9, boburi=220518, error details: Your email system reported an error. The system cannot find the path specified. (0x00000003)..

Can anyone provide me with a fix for this please.

Neil Summers
HPE Expert

Re: Records Manager 8.1 - Alert Services Blocked by error

Looking at some old issues I found a couple of similar ones where the event processor was trying to process an e-mail/alert notification for an object that had since been deleted from the database. Perhaps this is your problem. In those cases the solution was to:

1. Stop the event processor (or at least suspend alerts processing and deploy changes)

2. Remove the problematic row from TSEVENTDAT, e.g:

select * from TSEVENTDAT where uri = 143171178;
delete from TSEVENTDAT where uri = 143171178;

3. Restart alerts event processing.


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