Records In-tray

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Records In-tray

Are records on intray suppose to remain in the tray even after 'completing current action'.

I have completed an action but the record that I have been assigned is still in the tray. Does it have to be in the tray even when completed?


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Re: Records In-tray

I believe a record stays in the In Tray while it is assigned to you. Once it is returned home (or assigned to someone else) it should remove.

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Re: Records In-tray



We have come across this issue also and logged a call with HP but no resolution.

It's not reproducable even when we refreshed a test environment with production data.


Basically actions are assigned to a user but once the action is complete, and even when all actions on that record have been completed the record does not disappear from user's in or due trays.

The record itself has an assignee and owner location the same, and home location can also be the same or different, but usually when different is a location above the owner location in hierarchy.

Since this behaviour is not consistent and hard to pinpoint, I am wondering if anyone knows the rules/code behind the in/due trays that determines if it should appear in a user's tray. It is a flag, or is the action still somehow active for that user according to TRIM?


If anyone has any ideas, they would be most welcome. :-)

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Re: Records In-tray

The long route solution for this is for users is to go to Locations and set to Home Location. I still feel Trim can do better that this. My users have raised concerns about this. 

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Re: Records In-tray



Could you please confirm what build of TRIM you are using?


Also, please note that the 'in-tray' has no relatinship with actions and workflow. At least in my version that is the case.


The 'due tray' is the one that will have records in it that relate to an action assigned to you.


The 'in-tray' will have a record in it if the record has your name as the current location (not sure if this might apply to the org you are part of also).



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event