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Receiving Alerts

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Receiving Alerts

Dear Members, i want my staff to recieve alerts everytime documents are assigned to them; i have already setup the alerts service on event server and its working fine; my question is, do i have to setup alerts on each and every staff computer? Is there a way i can do it on the TRIM server, thank you

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Re: Receiving Alerts

Alerts are based on the TRIM user log on, and are not workstation specific.  Via the TRIM Client, you would only be able to setup alerts for your log on name.  So while you wouldn't have to set up alerts by going around to each of the staff's workstation, you'll certainly need them to stop by yours, log into Windows, and then you could launch the TRIM Client to make the alert for them.


Neil Summers
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Re: Receiving Alerts

Alerts may not be the best option...


You might want to use an event processor add-in to send an e-mail to the assignee every time a record assignee is changed. If you don't have the internal expertise to code such a thing, HP's Professional Services people or any of HP's TRIM business partners would know how to do this. Just get in touch with your HP TRIM account manager and they can put you in touch with an appropriate resource.


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Re: Receiving Alerts

"Via the TRIM Client"


Yep Neil, that's what I was alluding too with trying to advertise  :o



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event