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RSS feeds and TRIM


RSS feeds and TRIM

Is it possible to save an rss feed into TRIM?


We have a need to save Twitter tweets. As Outlook can be set to show rss feeds and Twitter can send tweets to via rss, I thought I could just save the emails from Outlook into TRIM.


However, the email (saved as a vmbx) will not open with Outlook (i.e. TRIM has to be set to not use Outlook for native mail renditions).


I can drag the rss feed from Outlook onto my desktop (which saves as an msg but with an rss icon) and then drag that into TRIM and it will launch fine with Outlook.


Just wondering if anyone is aware of a better method than this (or why the vmbx won't launch)



Helen Barnes
Frequent Visitor

Re: RSS feeds and TRIM

Hi Brett


It is possible to capture RSS feeds into TRIM via Outlook.


I've done this in the past by:

- creating a RSS Feed in the "RSS Feed" folder in Outlook (Outlook 2007 +)

- creating a HP TRIM linked folder to the above


You don't have to create a linked folder on the RSS Feed, I found it was easiest to do as it automatically catalogued the item everytime a new Tweet was created; but it works just as well using the normal HP TRIM catalogue buttons.


I'm not sure what's causing the issue you're having with the VMBX, I've not seen it.  My system option "Capturing native e-mail renditions" is set to "Advanced (Long-term) Format" and my HP TRIM Options - Viewer tab - "When viewing mail messages and a Native Mail Rendition exists, launch the Native Mail Application (e.g. Outlook)" is selected.


I am curious as to how you're creating a RSS Feed from Twitter.  Since Twitter changed their interface, they no longer let you create RSS feeds directly :(




Helen :)



Helen Barnes
HPE Content Manager Information Developer
HPE Software: Information Management & Governance
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Re: RSS feeds and TRIM

Thanks Helen,


My system setting is  set to "Simplest (Linked) Format". So, that may be the issue.


Yes I know abou the twitter changes. rss feeds that were done prior to the change still work but I'm sure I'll be asked about new ones soon (another bridge to cross).



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