RM8.1.1 Navigating to Related Records

Kim Stephenson
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RM8.1.1 Navigating to Related Records

Running 8.1.1 #7760  When I navigate to related records from a record that has a relationship that isn't of the relationship type 'Related To', the search result returns no records.  I can see the relationship i.e. Attached To in the view pane through 'Related Records', and also in the Related Records tab on the record.


Has anyone else seen this issue?

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Re: RM8.1.1 Navigating to Related Records

We have this same build in dev/test for rollout in a a week or so.

I can confirm the same is happening for us as well, only tested with a few relationship types like Copy of and Reply to.

Neil Summers
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Re: RM8.1.1 Navigating to Related Records

Hi Kim & Joel,


It seems this is a side-effect of an undocumented (grr...) change that was made to the display of related records between 7.3 and 8.1.1 (apparently to minimise performance impact for sites where there were literally thousands of related records). A change request was raised to have this put back the way it was:


QCCR2D53673 Recover the function of ‘Show Related Records’ (and 'Navigate To Related Records')


Apparently the plan for upcoming releases is to add another option called something like 'Navigate To - All Related Records'



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