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Preparations for upgrade to RM8.1.17760 (HP TRIM 7.3.4) - Global Settings and Sys Options


Preparations for upgrade to RM8.1.17760 (HP TRIM 7.3.4) - Global Settings and Sys Options


HP TRIM 7.3.4. Win 7. SQL 2008-R2, MS Office 2010 , IDOL.... going to be HP RM8.1.1.7760. Win7, SQL on 2012-R2, MS Office 2010, SP 2013 , Web Clients, IDOL etc.


This upgrade is a bit different as we are upgrading the hardware as well, so new 50 or more WGS etc. (Already prepared)


The question / situation is about the the cutover plan - how to do the upgrade as quick as possible considering that we have time of 4-5 hours maximum outage time for this to be done :


 - - 2 or 3 user types of existing TRIM users  (few 1000's of users each) needs to become higher privileges users

- - Some of these users permissions needs to be downgraded

- - Global Settings (Table in SQL 2008) for some reason cannot be copied over and applied to a SQL 2012) so at that day needs to be re-created manually - 2 hours job, as the RM8 icons are very different and our setup is specific)

- - System options needs to be applied; also lots of manual settings to be compared and setup in the new environment

- -  plus the functional testing for the most critical HP RM functions and record amangement tasks ( 2hours)


I am looking for a way to speed up these above processes by preparing many things in advance so any advice is welcomed.

There is an issue with those top bar icons in RM8 lokking different and going back to random images....



P.S. we did tried the manual recreation of global settings in our test/dev environment (SQL 2012) and copying the table and saving it somewhere else did not work, meaning, deleting the table and pasting the saved one did not work, globals were back to application's default... with or without TES deploying new  config file... Are we doing something wrong?





Philip Harney
Occasional Visitor

Re: Preparations for upgrade to RM8.1.17760 (HP TRIM 7.3.4) - Global Settings and Sys Options



You can create your global settings in your dev/test environment of RM8.11 and the copy you configuration files from your user profile in C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Hewlett-Packard\HP TRIM\%DBID%\Configuration copy these to your other %DBID% for production, then save the settings as global in production. 






Honored Contributor

Re: Preparations for upgrade to RM8.1.17760 (HP TRIM 7.3.4) - Global Settings and Sys Options

Trying to set a time limit for an upgrade isn't really feasible.

An upgrade will take as long as it takes...  You do a test upgrade first and record the time taken for each task and step, then you know what to expect for the outage/downtime for the go live upgrade.


It doesn't work the other way, you can't just say "You have 5 hours, go!"...


At best, you can slim down the database a bit, improve resourcing for the upgrade period, be very careful with the order of tasks etc... but at the end of the day if your schema upgrade takes 10 hours, it's going to take 10 hours...


As a long shot, and against most sensible ways to do it, you could complete a full upgrade into the new prod environment with for example a thursday night backup.

Let users continue to work in the old environment.

Once the upgrade is complete, deploy the new client and get users onto the new system.

All work completed between the thursday backup and when users moved to the new system, export and import into RM8.1.


It's not ideal and would need to be tested and proven to work first, but this would provide the smallest window of downtime. (Users getting the new client and waiting for any recent work to be imported if they need to work on it)


Hope that makes sense.


Re: Preparations for upgrade to RM8.1.17760 (HP TRIM 7.3.4) - Global Settings and Sys Options

Thanks Philip and Grundy,


Phillip, I just tried to save some changes in Global settings and I was monitoring my testing environment folder DBID but the change is actually registered into the different dev environment ( i have maybe 8-9 accumulated folders so far)

(Global policy perhaps) or similar / same ID Name ?


Also, there is an issue with the admin frame being renamed to have more than 256 characters..

i am wondering, what do we need to do in order for this admin frame title to be short and acceptable for windows.

Hotfix was refused as the option.


I will try to explore this option and if we can save 1 hour of time, it would be great. I am just afraid if i delete the global settings and then try to recover them from this frame/folder, and not succed, I will have to do re-create them all manualy, again :-)




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