Prefix search box not appearing

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Prefix search box not appearing

One of my users is unable to open a Prefix Search when looking at a list in TRIM.  Specifically, when selecting a location to use for Access Control, the user cannot bring up a Prefix Search window to restrict the list of locations to those beginning with a user-entered set of characters.


All of our Group locations start with the word GROUP:, so for example GROUP: TRIM Users.  This normally makes selecting a Group quite easy, as a user can type 'Group' and the entire list of Groups (and only Groups) will appear.  However, when this particular user types, no Prefix Search box appears.


The user can work around this in the short term using the Search (and entering in the whole name of the Location they are looking for), but I have been unable to find any setting that may be causing it.  We even checked whether a 'Lock' on the keyboard may have caused it.  I haven't had any other reports of this issue and I am able to use the Prefix Search myself, so it appears to be retricted to one user.


We're using TRIM 7.1.0 1157 with Windows XP SP3.

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Re: Prefix search box not appearing

When the user begins to type on the keyboard, does anything happen at all?  I've never seen this happen before... but I would probably try first removing the user's HKCU\Software\Hewlett-Packard\HP TRIM registry key.  Maybe export a backup of it first.

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Re: Prefix search box not appearing

Does it work if she first selects Help - Use Default Layout?


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Re: Prefix search box not appearing

Try disabling MSAA support (it's in: view-toolbars-customize-options).

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