Pingback Interval - HPRM

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Pingback Interval - HPRM

Hi there

We have an user woking remotly and when he connects via VPN and tries to upload a record size 2.5MB gets an error message pingback interval - see attachment 

We are on HPRM 8.1.1 

User is able to upload smaller size documents 

Any suggestions, pls?

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Re: Pingback Interval - HPRM

Hi Adri,


Interesting that you post this issue.  We have recently started to experience the exact same issue with HP RM8.2.0 build 7591.  We have not reported this to HP yet as we were unsure whether it was to do with our own VPN but now I am reading your post and can;t help but wonder if it is indeed something else.

L:et's see if anyone else might have an idea as well.

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Re: Pingback Interval - HPRM

We are still unsure whether this issue is related to Users VPN connection (as he previously had some issues connecting VPN) or if this is just HPRM issue. 

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Re: Pingback Interval - HPRM

VPN connections are fundamentally slower and if the Internet connection is also not a great connection then it can lead to connectivity problems with uploads into TRIM \ RM.

Something simple to try is if there is another WGS they can connect to.

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