Personal Cusotmisation drop out

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Cathy Fyfe
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Personal Cusotmisation drop out

Hi all,

I would like some advice on the behaviour of customisation settings which are held in the registry on peoples C Drive. It was my belief that favorites, recent docs/folders trays etc where retained in this as well as toolbars.


Just purchased some new licences so had our IT put the new licence key to add them and now all individual customisation has been lost on users machine. Why would this occur when it would appear that nothing from the client end would change?


Is there some way of triggering the TRIM Client to check its registry settings? We have issues when clients machines are replaced or reimaged as often the registry settings are not transferred over straight away so clients have to .


Any advice on how this can be managed better would be much appreciated. We are on 6.2.2 #8617



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Re: Personal Cusotmisation drop out

Hi Cathy,


The global settings have always been a real pain, in that they drop out and are reset to the manufacturer's default settings, in my personal experience anyways.  I've never understood why TRIM doesn't have a more reliable way of storing these and ensuring they don't get removed by events such as entering a License Key, but they do.


I DID find this article on the old HP TRIM Forum that explains all this in pretty good detail though:


From reading through all the replies, it appears that users just need to do another Get Global to get them restored, hopefully.


Hope this helps.....